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Support JAIR for the Holidays

AI Access Foundation manages JAIR largely through the efforts of volunteers throughout the world. However, we occasionally have some small, but important, operating and infrastructure costs. Please support us by making a donation. All donations are appreciated, no matter how small, and they are tax dedectable.

And on this topic, we also want to thank David Smith for his financial contributions to the organization, as well as IJCAI, InferLink Corporation and the University of Michigan for their ongoing support for JAIR's infrastructure. These gifts make it possible for JAIR to continue operating a freely-available journal.

JAIR is now on Twitter

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is pleased to announce a new Twitter account to keep readers and the community up-to-date with news, initiatives, and new articles. Please see

and Follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest:

AAAI Collaboration and Membership Offer

JAIR is pleased to acknowledge the additional support of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), which will be circulating JAIR's monthly announcement of Recently Published Articles to its membership. Since JAIR's founding, AAAI Press has published bound volumes of JAIR for purchase to complement JAIR's free online access.

Of special interest to JAIR readers is a membership offer soon to be rolled out by AAAI, which provides a complimentary 1-year introductory membership to new JAIR users. Please send a message to for further details.


JAIR registers DOIs for all articles published in the journal. We wish to acknowledge the generous support of IJCAI, Inc. for an endowment which supports our ongoing annual costs to register DOIs.

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