Jörg Tiedemann and Zeljko Agić (2016) "Synthetic Treebanking for Cross-Lingual Dependency Parsing", Volume 55, pages 209-248

PDF | doi:10.1613/jair.4785

How do we parse the languages for which no treebanks are available? This contribution addresses the cross-lingual viewpoint on statistical dependency parsing, in which we attempt to make use of resource-rich source language treebanks to build and adapt models for the under-resourced target languages. We outline the benefits, and indicate the drawbacks of the current major approaches. We emphasize synthetic treebanking: the automatic creation of target language treebanks by means of annotation projection and machine translation. We present competitive results in cross-lingual dependency parsing using a combination of various techniques that contribute to the overall success of the method. We further include a detailed discussion about the impact of part-of-speech label accuracy on parsing results that provide guidance in practical applications of cross-lingual methods for truly under-resourced languages.

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