Special Track on Human Computation and AI

Track Editor

Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research

Associate Editors

Yiling Chen, Harvard University

David Parkes, Harvard University

Call for Submissions

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is pleased to announce the launch of the JAIR Special Track on Human Computation and Artificial Intelligence. This special track has been established as a natural home for the publication of leading research at the intersection of human computation and artificial intelligence. Numerous advances in human computation and crowdsourcing draw upon concepts and methods from AI and fields affiliated with AI, including cognitive psychology, economics, statistics, and management science. We invite submissions describing state-of-the-art research on human computation and crowdsourcing that leverages or contributes to AI principles, methods, and systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, efforts that join or harness human computation with machine learning, algorithmic game theory and mechanism design, planning, NLP, machine vision, and robotics. There is no specific deadline for submissions — submitted articles will be evaluated and reviewed on an on-going basis.

Articles published in the Human Computation and Artificial Intelligence track must meet the highest quality standards as measured by originality and significance of the contribution and clarity of presentation. We seek full-length original articles, research notes, and survey articles. Research notes are very brief papers that extend or evaluate previous work. Survey articles are tutorials or literature reviews that contribute an analysis or perspective that advances our understanding of the subject matter. Papers will be coordinated by the track editor and associate editors, and reviewed by peer reviewers drawn from the JAIR Editorial Board and larger community.

All articles should be submitted using the normal JAIR submission process, but please indicate that the submission is intended for the Special Track in the section "Special Information for editors".


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