Survey articles

Surveys Editor: Dragomir Radev,

JAIR is committed to publishing high-quality survey articles of broad interest to researchers in artificial intelligence and those who wish to apply concepts and methods from AI to other areas of research or applications.

While survey articles may be submitted to JAIR unsolicited, it is strongly encouraged that prospective authors contact the Surveys Editor prior to submission to determine whether the topic, scope, and focus are suitable for JAIR. JAIR will also on occasion invite leading researchers in the field to submit survey articles on specific topics. An invitation to submit a survey article is not a promise of acceptance. All survey articles, whether invited or unsolicited, undergo the same rigorous review process as regular research articles, and are held to the same standards of significance, relevance, and technical and expository quality.

The purpose of a survey paper is to address one or more of the following issues: (1) analyze a significant body of AI research and make it more accessible to a broader audience; (2) position existing research results in a broader context and explain their impact; (3) bring together previously unconnected lines of research in a way that fosters new research directions in these areas; (4) identify deficiencies or gaps in current knowledge that need to be addressed in future research. Surveys will be judged on their scope, clarity, and novelty of perspective, as well as the relevance and currency of the subfield or lines of research being surveyed. All articles published in JAIR are expected to adhere to its high standards of exposition and presentation; however, clarity, organization and accessibility are particularly important for survey papers.