How You Can Support JAIR

JAIR is a community-run, or grass roots journal. It is operated and published by the very people who are its intended audience -- AI researchers. As AI researchers, we have every reason to want the journal to be distributed as widely as possible, and making it free removes significant barriers to our readers around the world, both administrative and economic.

While almost all the work involved in publishing the journal is contributed by volunteers, we do have some expenses that we must pay for. For example, we pay for some administrative support. We also occasionally pay for maintenance of our software and hardware. However, we strongly believe that the healthiest approach for the journal is to keep our expenses as low as possible, and we work hard to do that, rather than instituting access charges. With this is mind, we have developed a variety of creative approaches to running the journal, such as creating an open-source automated system for managing the peer-review and publishing process.

Nevertheless we rely on the financial support of the community to help us with expenses which we cannot avoid. Please consider sending a financial contribution to JAIR. Your support will help us with our mission to freely disseminate scientific results worldwide!

Our publisher, AI Access Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation (TIN 77-0345849) in the United States. Donations are tax deductable. AI Access Foundation welcomes all donations, including individual and corporate gifts of money, equipment, and personnel. Individuals and organizations wishing to make financial gifts to support JAIR should make such payable to AI Access Foundation, Inc. and send them to:

Steven Minton, AI Access Foundation Secretary

326 Loma Vista St.
El Segundo, CA 90245

We sincerely thank the organizations and individuals who have supported JAIR. These include:


  Carnegie Mellon  
  David Smith  
  Fetch Technologies  
  InferLink Corporation  
  Michael Wellman  
  NASA Ames Research Center  
  National Science Foundation  
  The University of Michigan  
  USC's Information Sciences Institute  


If you have any questions please contact the executive editor at Or, for more information about JAIR's philosophy and operations, see the article JAIR at Five by Minton & Wellman in AI Magazine, 1999.