This page includes survey papers published in JAIR. Each entry in this table of contents provides links to an individual article and its appendices (if any):

State-Space Abstractions for Probabilistic Inference: A Systematic Review

Stefan Lüdtke, Max Schröder, Frank Krüger, Sebastian Bader and Thomas Kirste

A Review of Inference Algorithms for Hybrid Bayesian Networks

Antonio Salmerón, Rafael Rumí, Helge Langseth, Thomas D. Nielsen and Anders L. Madsen

Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems and Applications: A Survey

Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli and William Yeo

A Survey on Lexical Simplification

Gustavo H. Paetzold and Lucia Specia

The Price of Anarchy in Auctions

Tim Roughgarden, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Eva Tardos

Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures

Raffaella Bernardi, Ruket Cakici, Desmond Elliott, Aykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem, Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis, Frank Keller, Adrian Muscat, and Barbara Plank

Evolutionary Dynamics of Multi-Agent Learning: A Survey

Daan Bloembergen, Karl Tuyls, Daniel Hennes, and Michael Kaisers

A Survey of Multi-Objective Sequential Decision-Making

D. M. Roijers, P. Vamplew, S. Whiteson, and R. Dazeley

A Survey on Latent Tree Models and Applications

R. Mourad, C. Sinoquet, N. L. Zhang, T. Liu, P. Leray

Transforming Graph Data for Statistical Relational Learning

R. A. Rossi, L. K. McDowell, and D. W. Aha, J. Neville

Reinforcement Learning: A Survey

L. P. Kaelbling, M. L. Littman, A. W. Moore