Vol. 66 (2019)

Published: 2019-09-02

Full Characterization of Parikh's Relevance-Sensitive Axiom for Belief Revision

Theofanis Aravanis, Pavlos Peppas, Mary-Anne Williams

765 - 792

Interpretable Charge Prediction for Criminal Cases with Dynamic Rationale Attention

Wenhan Chao, Xin Jiang, Zhunchen Luo, Yakun Hu, Wenjia Ma

743 - 764

On Non-Cooperativeness in Social Distance Games

Alkida Balliu, Michele Flammini, Giovanna Melideo, Dennis Olivetti

625 - 653

Variable Elimination in Binary CSPs

Martin C. Cooper, Achref El Mouelhi, Cyril Terrioux

589 - 624

Synthesizing Argumentation Frameworks from Examples

Andreas Niskanen, Johannes P. Wallner, Matti Järvisalo

503 - 554

Community Structure in Industrial SAT Instances

Carlos Ansótegui, Maria Luisa Bonet, Jesús Giráldez-Cru, Jordi Levy, Laurent Simon

443 - 472

Revisiting Counting Solutions for the Global Cardinality Constraint

Giovanni Lo Bianco, Xavier Lorca, Charlotte Truchet, Gilles Pesant


DSTL: Solution to Limitation of Small Corpus in Speech Emotion Recognition

Ying Chen, Zhongzhe Xiao, Xiaojun Zhang, Zhi Tao

381 - 410

Timed ATL: Forget Memory, Just Count

Michal Jozef Knapik, Etienne Andre, Laure Petrucci, Wojciech Jamroga, Wojciech Penczek

197 - 223

Multi-fidelity Gaussian Process Bandit Optimisation

Kirthevasan Kandasamy, Gautam Dasarathy, Junier Oliva, Jeff Schneider, Barnabás Póczos

151 - 196

Pattern-Based Approach to the Workflow Satisfiability Problem with User-Independent Constraints

Daniel Karapetyan, Andrew J. Parkes, Gregory Gutin, Andrei Gagarin

85 - 122

Solving the Torpedo Scheduling Problem

Martin Josef Geiger, Lucas Kletzander, Nysret Musliu


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