On Inductive Abilities of Latent Factor Models for Relational Learning

Théo Trouillon, Eric Gaussier, Christopher R. Dance, Guillaume Bouchard

Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods to Asymmetric Agents

Alireza Farhadi, Mohammad Ghodsi, Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi, Sébastien Lahaie, David Pennock, Masoud Seddighin, Saeed Seddighin, Hadi Yami

Bounds on the Cost of Stabilizing a Cooperative Game

Yoram Bachrach, Edith Elkind, Enrico Malizia, Reshef Meir, Dmitrii Pasechnik, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein, Jörg Rothe, Michael Zuckerman

Optimal Torpedo Scheduling

Adrian Goldwaser, Andreas Schutt
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