This page includes survey papers published in JAIR. All survey articles undergo the same rigorous review process as regular research articles, and are held to the same standards of significance, relevance, and technical and expository quality. Each entry in this table of contents provides links to an individual article and its appendices (if any):

Graph Kernels: A Survey

Giannis Nikolentzos, Giannis Siglidis and Michalis Vazirgiannis

Experimental Comparison and Survey of Twelve Time Series Anomaly Detection Algorithms

Cynthia Freeman, Jonathan Merriman, Ian Beaver and Abdullah Mueen

A Survey of Algorithms for Black-Box Safety Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Anthony Corso, Robert J. Moss, Mark Koren, Ritchie Lee and Mykel J. Kochenderfer

A Theoretical Perspective on Hyperdimensional Computing

Anthony Thomas, Sanjoy Dasgupta and Tajana Rosing

Set-to-Sequence Methods in Machine Learning: A Review

Mateusz Jurewicz and Leon Derczynski

Game Plan: What AI can do for Football, and What Football can do for AI

Karl Tuyls, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Paul Muller, Zhe Wang, Jerome Connor, Daniel Hennes, Ian Graham, William Spearman, Tim Waskett, Dafydd Steel, Pauline Luc, Adria Recasens, Alexandre Galashov, Gregory Thornton, Romuald Elie, Pablo Sprechmann, Pol Moreno, Kris Cao, Marta Garnelo, Praneet Dutta, Michal Valko, Nicolas Heess, Alex Bridgland, Julien Pérolat, Bart De Vylder, S. M. Ali Eslami, Mark Rowland, Andrew Jaegle, Remi Munos, Trevor Back, Razia Ahamed, Simon Bouton, Nathalie Beauguerlange, Jackson Broshear, Thore Graepel and Demis Hassabis

Constrained Multiagent Markov Decision Processes: a Taxonomy of Problems and Algorithms

Frits de Nijs, Erwin Walraven, Mathijs M. de Weerdt and Matthijs T. J. Spaan

Classifier Chains: A Review and Perspectives

Jesse Read, Bernhard Pfahringer, Geoffrey Holmes and Eibe Frank

Deep Reinforcement Learning: A State-of-the-Art Walkthrough

Aristotelis Lazaridis, Anestis Fachantidis, and Ioannis Vlahavas

Adapting Behavior via Intrinsic Reward: A Survey and Empirical Study

Cam Linke, Nadia M. Ady, Martha White, Thomas Degris and Adam White

Reviewing Autoencoders for Missing Data Imputation: Technical Trends, Applications and Outcomes

Ricardo Cardoso Pereira, Miriam Seoane Santos, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues and Pedro Henriques Abreu

Mapping the landscape of Artificial Intelligence applications against COVID-19

Joseph Bullock, Alexandra Luccioni, Katherine Hoffman Pham, Cynthia Sin Nga Lam and Miguel Luengo-Oroz

Automatic Language Identification in Texts: A Survey

Tommi Sakari Jauhiainen, Marco Lui, Marcos Zampieri, Timothy Baldwin and Krister Lindén

A Survey of Cross-lingual Word Embedding Models

Sebastian Ruder, Ivan Vulić and Anders Søgaard

State-Space Abstractions for Probabilistic Inference: A Systematic Review

Stefan Lüdtke, Max Schröder, Frank Krüger, Sebastian Bader and Thomas Kirste

A Review of Inference Algorithms for Hybrid Bayesian Networks

Antonio Salmerón, Rafael Rumí, Helge Langseth, Thomas D. Nielsen and Anders L. Madsen

Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems and Applications: A Survey

Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli and William Yeo

A Survey on Lexical Simplification

Gustavo H. Paetzold and Lucia Specia

The Price of Anarchy in Auctions

Tim Roughgarden, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Eva Tardos

Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures

Raffaella Bernardi, Ruket Cakici, Desmond Elliott, Aykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem, Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis, Frank Keller, Adrian Muscat, and Barbara Plank

Evolutionary Dynamics of Multi-Agent Learning: A Survey

Daan Bloembergen, Karl Tuyls, Daniel Hennes, and Michael Kaisers

A Survey of Multi-Objective Sequential Decision-Making

D. M. Roijers, P. Vamplew, S. Whiteson, and R. Dazeley

A Survey on Latent Tree Models and Applications

R. Mourad, C. Sinoquet, N. L. Zhang, T. Liu, P. Leray

Transforming Graph Data for Statistical Relational Learning

R. A. Rossi, L. K. McDowell, and D. W. Aha, J. Neville

Reinforcement Learning: A Survey

L. P. Kaelbling, M. L. Littman, A. W. Moore