Wrap-Up: a Trainable Discourse Module for Information Extraction

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The vast amounts of on-line text now available have ledto renewed interest in information extraction (IE) systems thatanalyze unrestricted text, producing a structured representation ofselected information from the text. This paper presents a novel approachthat uses machine learning to acquire knowledge for some of the higher level IE processing. Wrap-Up is a trainable IE discourse component that makes intersentential inferences and identifies logicalrelations among information extracted from the text. Previous corpus-based approaches were limited to lower level processing such as part-of-speech tagging, lexical disambiguation, and dictionary construction. Wrap-Up is fully trainable, and not onlyautomatically decides what classifiers are needed, but even derives the featureset for each classifier automatically. Performance equals that of a partially trainable discourse module requiring manual customization for each domain.

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