Nominals, Inverses, Counting, and Conjunctive Queries or: Why Infinity is your Friend!

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S. Rudolph
B. Glimm


Description Logics are knowledge representation formalisms that provide, for example, the logical underpinning of the W3C OWL standards. Conjunctive queries, the standard query language in databases, have recently gained significant attention as an expressive formalism for querying Description Logic knowledge bases. Several different techniques for deciding conjunctive query entailment are available for a wide range of DLs. Nevertheless, the combination of nominals, inverse roles, and number restrictions in OWL 1 and OWL 2 DL causes unsolvable problems for the techniques hitherto available. We tackle this problem and present a decidability result for entailment of unions of conjunctive queries in the DL ALCHOIQb that contains all three problematic constructors simultaneously. Provided that queries contain only simple roles, our result also shows decidability of entailment of (unions of) conjunctive queries in the logic that underpins OWL 1 DL and we believe that the presented results will pave the way for further progress towards conjunctive query entailment decision procedures for the Description Logics underlying the OWL standards.

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