Property Directed Reachability for Automated Planning

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M. Suda


Property Directed Reachability (PDR) is a very promising recent method for deciding reachability in symbolically represented transition systems. While originally conceived as a model checking algorithm for hardware circuits, it has already been successfully applied in several other areas. This paper is the first investigation of PDR from the perspective of automated planning.

Similarly to the planning as satisfiability paradigm, PDR draws its strength from internally employing an efficient SAT-solver. We show that most standard encoding schemes of planning into SAT can be directly used to turn PDR into a planning algorithm. As a non-obvious alternative, we propose to replace the SAT-solver inside PDR by a planning-specific procedure implementing the same interface. This SAT-solver free variant is not only more efficient, but offers additional insights and opportunities for further improvements. An experimental comparison to the state of the art planners finds it highly competitive, solving most problems on several domains.

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