The Sixth Answer Set Programming Competition

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Martin Gebser
Marco Maratea
Francesco Ricca


Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a well-known paradigm of declarative programming with roots in logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning. Similar to other closely related problem-solving technologies, such as SAT/SMT, QBF, Planning and Scheduling, advancements in ASP solving are assessed in competition events. In this paper, we report about the design and results of the Sixth ASP Competition, which was jointly organized by the University of Calabria (Italy), Aalto University (Finland), and the University of Genoa (Italy), in affiliation with the 13th International Conference on Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning. This edition maintained some of the design decisions introduced in 2014, e.g., the conception of sub-tracks, the scoring scheme, and the adherence to a fixed modeling language in order to push the adoption of the ASP-Core-2 standard. On the other hand, it featured also some novelties, like a benchmark selection stage classifying instances according to their empirical hardness, and a "Marathon" track where the top-performing systems are given more time for solving hard benchmarks.

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