RWNE: A Scalable Random-Walk based Network Embedding Framework with Personalized Higher-order Proximity Preserved

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Jianxin Li
Cheng Ji
Hao Peng
Yu He
Yangqiu Song
Xinmiao Zhang
Fanzhang Peng


Higher-order proximity preserved network embedding has attracted increasing attention. In particular, due to the superior scalability, random-walk-based network embedding has also been well developed, which could efficiently explore higher-order neighborhoods via multi-hop random walks. However, despite the success of current random-walk-based methods, most of them are usually not expressive enough to preserve the personalized higher-order proximity and lack a straightforward objective to theoretically articulate what and how network proximity is preserved. In this paper, to address the above issues, we present a general scalable random-walk-based network embedding framework, in which random walk is explicitly incorporated into a sound objective designed theoretically to preserve arbitrary higher-order proximity. Further, we introduce the random walk with restart process into the framework to naturally and effectively achieve personalized-weighted preservation of proximities of different orders. We conduct extensive experiments on several real-world networks and demonstrate that our proposed method consistently and substantially outperforms the state-of-the-art network embedding methods.

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