Efficient Local Search based on Dynamic Connectivity Maintenance for Minimum Connected Dominating Set

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Xindi Zhang
Bohan Li
Shaowei Cai
Yiyuan Wang


The minimum connected dominating set (MCDS) problem is an important extension of the minimum dominating set problem, with wide applications, especially in wireless networks. Most previous works focused on solving MCDS problem in graphs with relatively small size, mainly due to the complexity of maintaining connectivity. This paper explores techniques for solving MCDS problem in massive real-world graphs with wide practical importance. Firstly, we propose a local greedy construction method with reasoning rule called 1hopReason. Secondly and most importantly, a hybrid dynamic connectivity maintenance method (HDC+) is designed to switch alternately between a novel fast connectivity maintenance method based on spanning tree and its previous counterpart. Thirdly, we adopt a two-level vertex selection heuristic with a newly proposed scoring function called chronosafety to make the algorithm more considerate when selecting vertices. We design a new local search algorithm called FastCDS based on the three ideas. Experiments show that FastCDS significantly outperforms five state-of-the-art MCDS algorithms on both massive graphs and classic benchmarks.

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