AAN+: Generalized Average Attention Network for Accelerating Neural Transformer

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Biao Zhang
Deyi Xiong
Yubin Ge
Junfeng Yao
Hao Yue
Jinsong Su


Transformer benefits from the high parallelization of attention networks in fast training, but it still suffers from slow decoding partially due to the linear dependency O(m) of the decoder self-attention on previous target words at inference. In this paper, we propose a generalized average attention network (AAN+) aiming at speeding up decoding by reducing the dependency from O(m) to O(1). We find that the learned self-attention weights in the decoder follow some patterns which can be approximated via a dynamic structure. Based on this insight, we develop AAN+, extending our previously proposed average attention (Zhang et al., 2018a, AAN) to support more general position- and content-based attention patterns. AAN+ only requires to maintain a small constant number of hidden states during decoding, ensuring its O(1) dependency. We apply AAN+ as a drop-in replacement of the decoder selfattention and conduct experiments on machine translation (with diverse language pairs), table-to-text generation and document summarization. With masking tricks and dynamic programming, AAN+ enables Transformer to decode sentences around 20% faster without largely compromising in the training speed and the generation performance. Our results further reveal the importance of the localness (neighboring words) in AAN+ and its capability in modeling long-range dependency.

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