Decentralized Gradient-Quantization Based Matrix Factorization for Fast Privacy-Preserving Point-of-Interest Recommendation

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Xuebin Zhou
Zhibin Hu
Jin Huang
Jian Chen


With the rapidly growing of location-based social networks, point-of-interest (POI) recommendation has been attracting tremendous attentions. Previous works for POI recommendation usually use matrix factorization (MF)-based methods, which achieve promising performance. However, existing MF-based methods suffer from two critical limitations: (1) Privacy issues: all users’ sensitive data are collected to the centralized server which may leak on either the server side or during transmission. (2) Poor resource utilization and training efficiency: training on centralized server with potentially huge low-rank matrices is computational inefficient. In this paper, we propose a novel decentralized gradient-quantization based matrix factorization (DGMF) framework to address the above limitations in POI recommendation. Compared with the centralized MF methods which store all sensitive data and low-rank matrices during model training, DGMF treats each user’s device (e.g., phone) as an independent learner and keeps the sensitive data on each user’s end. Furthermore, a privacy-preserving and communication-efficient mechanism with gradient-quantization technique is presented to train the proposed model, which aims to handle the privacy problem and reduces the communication cost in the decentralized setting. Theoretical guarantees of the proposed algorithm and experimental studies on real-world datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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