Xeggora: Exploiting Immune-to-Evidence Symmetries with Full Aggregation in Statistical Relational Models

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Mohammad Mahdi Amirian
Saeed Shiry Ghidary


We present improvements in maximum a-posteriori inference for Markov Logic, a widely used SRL formalism. Inferring the most probable world for Markov Logic is NP-hard in general. Several approaches, including Cutting Plane Aggregation (CPA), perform inference through translation to Integer Linear Programs. Aggregation exploits context-specific symmetries independently of evidence and reduces the size of the program. We illustrate much more symmetries occurring in long ground clauses that are ignored by CPA and can be exploited by higher-order aggregations. We propose Full-Constraint-Aggregation, a superior algorithm to CPA which exploits the ignored symmetries via a lifted translation method and some constraint relaxations. RDBMS and heuristic techniques are involved to improve the overall performance. We introduce Xeggora as an evolutionary extension of RockIt, the query engine that uses CPA. Xeggora evaluation on real-world benchmarks shows progress in efficiency compared to RockIt especially for models with long formulas.

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