Published: 2019-09-02

Solving the Torpedo Scheduling Problem

Martin Josef Geiger, Lucas Kletzander, Nysret Musliu


Pattern-Based Approach to the Workflow Satisfiability Problem with User-Independent Constraints

Daniel Karapetyan, Andrew J. Parkes, Gregory Gutin, Andrei Gagarin

85 - 122

Multi-fidelity Gaussian Process Bandit Optimisation

Kirthevasan Kandasamy, Gautam Dasarathy, Junier Oliva, Jeff Schneider, Barnabás Póczos

151 - 196

Timed ATL: Forget Memory, Just Count

Michal Jozef Knapik, Etienne Andre, Laure Petrucci, Wojciech Jamroga, Wojciech Penczek

197 - 223

DSTL: Solution to Limitation of Small Corpus in Speech Emotion Recognition

Ying Chen, Zhongzhe Xiao, Xiaojun Zhang, Zhi Tao

381 - 410

Revisiting Counting Solutions for the Global Cardinality Constraint

Giovanni Lo Bianco, Xavier Lorca, Charlotte Truchet, Gilles Pesant


Community Structure in Industrial SAT Instances

Carlos Ansótegui, Maria Luisa Bonet, Jesús Giráldez-Cru, Jordi Levy, Laurent Simon

443 - 472

Synthesizing Argumentation Frameworks from Examples

Andreas Niskanen, Johannes P. Wallner, Matti Järvisalo

503 - 554

Variable Elimination in Binary CSPs

Martin C. Cooper, Achref El Mouelhi, Cyril Terrioux

589 - 624

On Non-Cooperativeness in Social Distance Games

Alkida Balliu, Michele Flammini, Giovanna Melideo, Dennis Olivetti

625 - 653

Interpretable Charge Prediction for Criminal Cases with Dynamic Rationale Attention

Wenhan Chao, Xin Jiang, Zhunchen Luo, Yakun Hu, Wenjia Ma

743 - 764

Full Characterization of Parikh's Relevance-Sensitive Axiom for Belief Revision

Theofanis Aravanis, Pavlos Peppas, Mary-Anne Williams

765 - 792

General Game Playing with Imperfect Information

Michael Schofield, Michael Thielscher

901 - 935

Classifying Inconsistency Measures Using Graphs

Glauber De Bona, John Grant , Anthony Hunter, Sebastien Konieczny

937 - 987

A Semantic Characterization ASP Base Revision

Laurent Garcia, Claire Lefèvre, Igor Stéphan, Odile Papini, Éric Würbel

989 - 1029

Strategic Abstention based on Preference Extensions: Positive Results and Computer-Generated Impossibilities

Florian Brandl, Felix Brandt, Christian Geist, Johannes Hofbauer

1031 – 1056

Approximating Weighted and Priced Bribery in Scoring Rules

Orgad Keller, Avinatan Hassidim, Noam Hazon

1057 – 1098

Preference Orders on Families of Sets - When Can Impossibility Results Be Avoided?

Jan Maly, Miroslaw Truszczyński, Stefan Woltran

1147 - 1197