Full Characterization of Parikh's Relevance-Sensitive Axiom for Belief Revision

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Theofanis Aravanis
Pavlos Peppas
Mary-Anne Williams


In this article, the epistemic-entrenchment and partial-meet characterizations of Parikh's relevance-sensitive axiom for belief revision, known as axiom (P), are provided. In short, axiom (P) states that, if a belief set $K$ can be divided into two disjoint compartments, and the new information $\varphi$ relates only to the first compartment, then the revision of $K$ by $\varphi$ should not affect the second compartment. Accordingly, we identify the subclass of epistemic-entrenchment and that of selection-function preorders, inducing AGM revision functions that satisfy axiom (P). Hence, together with the faithful-preorders characterization of (P) that has already been provided, Parikh's axiom is fully characterized in terms of all popular constructive models of Belief Revision. Since the notions of relevance and local change are inherent in almost all intellectual activity, the completion of the constructive view of (P) has a significant impact on many theoretical, as well as applied, domains of Artificial Intelligence.

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