Published: 2019-05-05

On Overfitting and Asymptotic Bias in Batch Reinforcement Learning with Partial Observability

Vincent Francois-Lavet, Guillaume Rabusseau, Joelle Pineau, Damien Ernst, Raphael Fonteneau

1 - 30

A Coupled Operational Semantics for Goals and Commitments

Pankaj R. Telang, Munindar P. Singh, Neil Yorke-Smith

31 - 85

REBA: A Refinement-Based Architecture for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics

Mohan Sridharan, Michael Gelfond, Shiqi Zhang, Jeremy Wyatt

87 - 180

Dependency Learning for QBF

Tomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky, Stefan Szeider

181 - 208

Goal Recognition Design in Deterministic Environments

Sarah Keren, Avigdor Gal, Erez Karpas

209 - 269

Probabilistic Planning with Reduced Models

Luis Pineda, Shlomo Zilberstein

271 - 306

Point-Based Value Iteration for Finite-Horizon POMDPs

Erwin Walraven, Matthijs T. J. Spaan

307 - 341